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Electro Embalming Trolley

AR Twigg & Son are proud to announce the arrival of their new Electro Embalming Trolley. The trolley benefits from being only 65 inches long and is ideal for small mortuaries. It is available in 3 different safe working load variants – 32 stone, 50 stone and 70 stone. With its clever electric foot pedal operation contamination issues are a thing of the past.

This trolley is made bespoke for each customer as everyone’s sluice/sink heights differ. We make the fixed height handle to suit your requirements and if extra elevation is required then this has been catered for by the fitment of a loading bar (Not shown). Special pins which are attached to the trolley handle’s upright legs lock the bar into place.

The pins are fitted with a retaining chain and have their own locating holes to prevent them from being lost when not in use. Top bed side handles can also be fitted to assist with safe sideways movement of the trolley. Besides locking rollers the top bed has an extension bar. This helps to lengthen the top bed to enable coffins to be secured with pins at both ends if customers have to negotiate ramps between levels.


We offer a number of options to suit your exact requirements including:
- Bespoke heights to fit your exact requirements

- SWL variants for 32, 50 and 70 stones.


AR Twigg & Son are renowned for their ability to make bespoke items for customers. Over the years Richard Twigg had made various different items to suit the customer’s needs. Wishing to continue the Twigg tradition current owner Mark Abbot listened to his customers and the Embalming Trolley was born.
The customer issued Twiggs with a brief which was it had to have what Twigg’s named ‘The 5 Be’s’.

  1. Be of better quality than the competition
  2. Be able to lift up to 70 stone
  3. Be short enough to fit into a small mortuary
  4. Be able to lock the coffin from both ends by pins because of differing floor heights
  5. Be able to use it for embalming.

All of the 5 Be’s have been achieved in one way or another! Unfortunately the handle has to be fixed in height. To overcome this all trolleys will be made bespoke to the customer’s requirements and therefore the handle will be at the correct height to embalm from. If the height needs adjusting (Because Embalmers vary in height too!) Twiggs have devised a range of different sized height bars. These are placed and then pinned onto the fixed height handle using Twiggs special pins. The height remains fixed but it also means it is adjustable by the fitment of a bar.

When interviewed by a trade magazine Mark said ‘The new Embalming Trolley forms part of the Twigg mini hydraulic range of trolleys designed with smaller mortuaries in mind. The Universal Loader which lifts 50 stone was well received at the NFE in June 2013 with over 20 orders taken. We are looking to build on the success of this by introducing new trolleys into the range that lift 70 stone with ease’.

Twiggs feel the competition has had it far too easy for far too long often producing overpriced trolleys that don’t lift what they claim to lift. By building on firm foundations left by Richard Twigg the current Twigg Management Team continue to manufacture quality products, designed to last at a price that is affordable.

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Embalming Table



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