Body & Coffin Storage Racks

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Body & Coffin Storage Racks

NOTE: We can manufacture bespoke to your exact size requirements.

This product can be used either in, or out of the fridge. Constructed in 2" x 1" 16G tube with 2" diameter ball bearing rollers. provisions for screwing to the floor if required. Epoxy coated finish (braked castors can be fitted if required at extra cost).

Delivered dismantled: only a rubber hammer required and a few minutes to assemble. Can be made 2, 3, 4 or 5 tier, and shelf height to suit your own requirements

The optional tray consists of a stainless steel top and stainless steel frame,

NOTE: We always manufacture bespoke to your exact size requirements.

Rack size range
length: 1930 to 2110mm
width: 500mm to 1700mm
height: single to 5 tier

Tray size
length: 1930 or 2110mm
width options: 560, 660, or 750mm
height: 38mm
weight: 16kgs

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