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Biers: Widest Range

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  • Bier-Roller
  • Bier-SS-Extended-
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  • Bier-StandardLattice-Closed
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  • Casket-Lattice-Roos-Bkgnd

Widest Range of Biers

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Our unique and robust designs together with the quality of manufacture demonstrate why we are the number one manufacturer for biers. We are the original designers and original Patent holders for both the 4 Square and Standard Lattice Biers!

If you require special sizes - please call for a a quote!

We offer a choice of Bier models including:

  • Four Square
  • Standard Lattice
  • Casket Bier
  • Fixed
  • Roller Top
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Extended


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