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Loaders and Lifters

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Loaders and Lifters

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Our Loader and Lifter range has recently been extended. We now offer the popular Universal Loader in Mortuary (black) format and in FD form (white). There is also an option to have standard or long tops. The range has been further extended following the introduction of the latest Compact Lifter which offers excellent lifting performance in even smaller and trickier physical locations.

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We Turn Empty Space into Smart New Storage

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We have turned empty space into a smart new storage facilities for several of our customers. All racks are made bespoke to fit your premises here in the UK. Call A R Twigg to discuss. Finance is available if required.

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Celebrating 60 Years in Business

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A R Twigg & Son was established in 1956 and so our 61st anniversary occurred this year.

A R Twigg & Son Ltd original 1956 factory and offices are pictured with the founder’s son, Richard Twigg who was key to many early developments is standing at the front of the old building. The company became most famous for its fixed bier which is still instantly recognisable today!

Today’s Management Team Mark Abbot and Tom French have introduced a wide range of new designs and product families - all manufactured in the company’s new Berkshire based factory but with the same quality ethos.

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Our range includes: Bier Covers, Trestle Covers, Palls, and Trays. Bier covers are available in over 25 colours including: black, purple, green, blue or maroon. Made from lined cotton velvet. Designed specifically for Twigg Fixed Biers. We always recommend our Velvet Bier Covers for durability over copies of our Design. Bespoke Covers also made to suit your other equipment.

Regarding our trays, both frame and top are in Stainless Steel. These Trays are very low profile in height terms, thus maximising space between shelves. They are designed to work in conjunction with our all of our Trolleys and Racking equipment etc.


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