Trolleys: Electro and Manual

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Electro and Manual Hydraulic Trolleys

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All our Hydraulic Trolleys are built with safety in mind including such features as anti-trapping gaps between the scissors and a deadman's handle on the manual pump release.

Our lifting trolleys are CE safety certified and are finished in an Anti-Bacterial coating as standard.

All our standard trolleys are certified capable of lifting 200kgs (32 stone) as a minimum and will do this with ease. Our in-house Maintenance Engineers have often seen competitors' products buckling at a mere 180kgs load or less! Our heavy duty trolleys are certified to lift either 320kgs (50 stone) or 450kgs (70 stone) depending on what is specified at time of purchase. All short and long top models can be optionally fitted with scales.

Our Electro Hydraulic versions are operated from a 12v battery and come complete with charger. A fully charged battery will lift 80kgs over 500 times. All trolleys are now fitted with ‘Battery Isolator’ switches as well as ‘Stop’ switches to stop unauthorised use of the Trolley.

Our Hydraulic Trolley range options include:

  • Long Tops
  • Short Tops
  • Manual Hydraulic
  • Electro Hydraulic
  • 3-Tier Extended Height
  • 4-Tier Extended Height
  • Universal Loader
  • Electro and Manual
  • Embalming Trolleys


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