Storage: Racks & Stands

  • Rack-UP – 900×444
  • Rack-Assembly
  • Rack-Down
  • Coffin Stands – 900×444

Body & Coffin Storage Racks & Display Stands  

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Storage Racks

NOTE: We manufacture bespoke to your exact size requirements.

This product can be used either in, or out of the fridge. Constructed in 2" x 1" 16G tube with 2" diameter ball bearing rollers. provisions for screwing to the floor if required. Epoxy coated finish (braked castors can be fitted if required at extra cost).NOTE: We can manufacture our racks bespoke to your exact requirements - please call to discuss.

Delivered dismantled: only a rubber hammer required and a few minutes to assemble. Can be made 2, 3 or 4 tier, and shelf height to suit your own requirements

The optional tray consists of a stainless steel top and stainless steel frame,

NOTE: We manufacture bespoke to your exact size requirements.

Rack size

length: 1930mm to 2110mm
width: 500mm to 1700mm
height: single to 5 tier

Our Tray size options

Widths: 560mm, 660mm, 750mm and 850mm wide.
Lengths: 1930mm or 2110mm.


3 Tier Coffin Stand

Made from 2 inch x 1 inch tube epoxy coated finish cream. Note: Coffins not included.


height: 1500mm
width: 1000mm
weight: 18kgs


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