Ball Bearing Top Trolley

A R Twigg & Son were commissioned to manufacture three Trolleys which were adjustable in height and would allow manoeuvring large and small coffins with ease. A variant of A R Twigg's Transfer Trolley was supplied.

The handle can be fitted and the Trolley used to bring coffins in from the hearse. The Trolley is designed to allow a decorative pelmet to be mounted around it when it is in the raised position and the handle can also be removed to enable it to be suitably located in the Chapel area. The wooden top is a practical and attractive feature. The Ball Bearings allow even a large coffin to be turned 180 degrees with ease without having to manoeuvre the Trolley itself.  For this particular customer the ability to raise the Trolley height to allow the bearers to more easily lift the coffin to transport it to the woodland burial site was also key.

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